Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Manage Your CSA Pick-up

CSA pick-ups for the 18-19 Season start November 4, 2018.

Going out of town on business or vacation? Have something big going on at work and just know you will be too busy to pick up your share next week?  No problem, no worries!  Just place a vacation hold on your shares at least 4 days in advance.  The choice and control is yours.

Instructions: (All requests require 4 days to process, so please allow for that time)

Just choose the week you want the hold to start (starts on Sunday), how many weeks you want it to last and then whether you want to donate your missed shares or reschedule them for future weeks.  If you choose a week you are already scheduled, we will simply double your share for that week.

Please remember we do not allow make up days for missed shares.  If you missed your share pickup, it was already harvested and donated. 

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