Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Sweetwater Veggie Shoppe

Choose from a selection of freshly harvested veggies available to be purchased today and picked up at the farm as indicated below.  Please note we do not deliver or ship, you must pickup at the farm on Thursdays.

Note: During the summer, we are very, very limited in produce since our focus is on growing soil.  We only keep one garden open for our Summer CSA.

Important: Orders placed and paid for before noon on Wednesdays, will be available for pickup at the Farm on Thursday of the same week (noon - 6pm).  Orders placed after noon on Wednesdays will be available for pickup at the Farm on the following Thursday (noon - 6pm).


This store is currently closed for the summer.  It will reopen in mid October.

Weekly Store Hours are Sunday 5:00pm - Wednesday 12:00pm.

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